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I support and accompany you to be true in your work

Your ability to work:

  • Gain clarity about your psychological games and power behaviour, especially in relation to your status - how important is your position in communication, how do you bring it into play?

  • Discover how hidden fear manipulates you and how you often unconsciously pass it on.

  • Uncover hidden power games between you, your superiors and your colleagues.

  • Realise that you don't need power to lead successfully, that there is no need for a power imbalance.

  • Find choices between autonomy and dependency - and empower your people.

  • You can clearly define your role (and that of others) and the expectations/responsibilities associated with it.

  • Be clear about values, identities and team culture

  • Gain skills to manage and address conflict and closeness/distance  

  • Empower yourself to be self-directed and self-responsible, regardless of your status.

  • Define your preferred working style: collaborative and/or cooperative.

  • Recognising the enormous power of FORGIVENESS

Your communication skills:

  • You recognise the importance of communicating from the adult ego and being intentional with your colleagues.

  • You are aware of your self-image and how others see you, especially in relation to your position.

  • You will be provided with transactional analysis tools to address communication states/levels accurately and to name them with your employees.

  • You will learn to address conflicts (e.g. power and competition issues) in a mediative and non-judgemental way.

  • Transparent naming of expectations, needs and attitudes is an integral part of your communication.

  • Setting an example that people need not be afraid of you

  • You give the employee the opportunity to be who they are.

To become the safe harbour for your team:

  • You ensure that the employee/teammate can approach you with critical issues, concerns - without the risk of being judged/assessed.

  • You recognise the individuality of your staff/teammates

  • You provide reassurance as to why the fear of being excluded from the group is unfounded - especially with somewhat difficult employees

  • You encourage the implementation of individual self-direction, self-responsibility and influence on the team

  • You recognise the individual freedoms of each staff member and their consequences for the team.

  • You clarify which choices and alternatives exist in the team in order to be able to show and live individuality.

  • You specifically promote talents and potentials

Remuneration: Minimum 180.-/hour.

Your high-calibre gain as leadership and team

As a manager and an employee, you encourage your team/team members to initiate and implement theme-based interactions in an agile manner to respond flexibly to ch

Every single boss / employee is aware of his or her PLAY responsibility. Everyone knows their fear and power mechanisms and how to turn them into positive ones.

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