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I support and accompany you in your personal development!

Your self-leadership and self-empowerment

  • You learn to make clear decisions, to act and to communicate in a responsible way.

  • You will recognise when you are unconsciously drawn into a game - when you start to play in interpersonal contact.

  • You analyse why you participate in psychological ego games, what role fear plays for you.

  • Your clarification of belonging, distance and intimacy.

  • You acquire the ability to bear and endure consequences and responsibility.

  • Check your self-perception with the external environment. 

  • Become aware of what power, control and shame trigger in you emotionally.

  • Gain the ability to deal constructively with rejection and setbacks.

  • Practice the ability to let go of issues and the past.

  • You realise that the person you are talking to is a mirror of yourself.

  • You learn to FORGIVE yourself and the other person.

Personality assessment:

  • Identify your desires, needs, attitudes and fears

  • Learn to respect and appreciate your life path

  • Become aware of how secretly and openly judging or condemning can harm you

  • Identify your blocking, negative beliefs

  • You will be able to name the fear of shame, of feeling ashamed.

  • Train the activation of the inner observer

  • Acquire an exit mechanism from your ego thinking system using the meta level

  • Become aware of symbioses, dependencies and responsibility

  • You become aware of the TA states and know how to deal with them.

Remuneration: Minimum 95.-/hour.

Your personal high-profile gain as a human being

You know where your game mechanisms come from and how to deal with them - self-regulation.

You know how to communicate your needs and wishes in a mindful way, so you treat yourself with care.

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