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Take full self-responsibility for a happy, self-determined and fulfilled life!

I support you analytically and emotionally to recognise the power- and fear-based game mechanisms in your social environment as well as in your life and thus to follow liberated, happy and new paths!

My great passion is the analysis and healing of psychological ego games in leadership, teams and interpersonal relationships, which stem from a deep-rooted fear of rejection, exclusion from the social collective and a lack of self-love. The result is an unconscious negative exercise of power, often of a symbiotic nature, which will never lead to long-term success - because at the end of the day, neither party wins. 


This is what I want to change:


Every human being has wonderful abilities that are often buried under a lot of rubble and grumbling due to old established thought patterns/experiences. My goal is to show you that the only way to get clarity is to take responsibility for yourself, and that the eternal "comparing yourself to others" is not beneficial at all!

Become aware that all good comes from within, not from without. Free yourself from your limited vicious circle of thoughts. If all your thoughts suddenly became real - would you still be thinking the way you are now?


I also focus on resolving unattractive ego games that rarely end well (e.g. Stephen Karpman's Drama Triangle). This applies to both leadership and teams. 

Experience with me what it means to have a solid inner base, to be grounded in yourself, to clearly recognise yourself and these game mechanisms and to turn them into something positive. How liberating self-responsibility and self-awareness can be. 


Learn with me what it means to forgive yourself and others and to feel what forgiveness does to you and the other person. How healing this path is and what unimagined possibilities it opens up for you.  

I look forward to walking your new path with you!

I do consultations in german, english, tcheque, frensh

The majority of the consultations take place outside, weather permitting.

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